About us

ArtistDefense Inc. is dedicated to copyright enforcement and claims resolution. Owned by Masterfile Corporation, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, ArtistDefense was created in 2016 to provide photographers, illustrators and licensors of intellectual property around the world experienced and effective copyright protection.

Masterfile, a stock photography agency, has been actively protecting the copyright of its contributing photographers and illustrators for over 35 years. Since 2005, Masterfile has resolved over 7,000 internet copyright claims in the USA and Canada and is now extending its copyright enforcement and claims resolution services to other companies and individuals through ArtistDefense.

Freelance photographers and illustrators earn their living by creating images and licensing them for usage on the Internet and in other media. Copyright infringement damages their livelihoods. Protecting their copyright is an essential service provided by companies like ArtistDefense.